What to do

Being involved in an accident, whether as a pilot, a passenger or a person on the ground, can be a traumatic experience and two people will seldom react the same way in such a situation.

Below list is merely a suggestion as to the steps one may take if involved in an accident.

What happens next

Once notified of a claim, Beta Aviation will pass the information on to the claims handlers. If the claims handlers require additional information, they will contact the insured directly.

When a claim has been established as valid and covered under the aircraft insurance policy, the next step depends on the type of claim.

Hull Loss

For a partial loss, the insurers will pay for the repair of the aircraft, less any applicable deductible. If the claim is deemed a total loss, the insurers will pay to the insured, or the beneficiary, the agreed value of the aircraft, less any applicable deductible.

Liability Claim

Since damages to third party property and passenger baggage are relatively easy to quantify in monetary terms, the claims are usually settled rather quickly.

Bodily injuries to third party or passenger generally have a longer processing time, as it may take several months, even years, before the injury can be measured in monetary terms. The insurers may employ the services of a lawyer specialising in injury settlement proceedings.

Personal Accident Claim

In the event of death, the insurers will pay the sum insured to the insured’s next of kin or agreed beneficiary. In the event of permanent disablement, the insurers will pay to the insured person the same percentage of the sum insured as the percentage at which the degree of injury has been fixed.

If you have any questions or would like to report a claim, please do not hesitate to contact us.