Hull insurance

Aircraft Hull Insurance – Physical Loss of or Damage to Aircraft
The aircraft hull insurance covers owners and operators of an aircraft against losses arising from the physical damage to the aircraft, whether it being a partial or a total loss, and includes the disappearance of the aircraft and theft of the aircraft or parts thereof.

Full Flight Risk
This type of hull coverage is traditionally the most common as it covers the aircraft against losses arising during flight (including take-off and landing) as well as whilst the aircraft is on the ground, either parked, being towed or taxiing.

Ground Risk Only
This type of hull coverage is limited to coverage of losses that arises whilst the aircraft is on the ground and not in motion. Given that the insurer’s risk is considerably lower whilst the aircraft is covered for ground risk, it is only natural that the premium level reflects this.

Combined Full Flight Risk and Ground Risk
It is not uncommon for aircraft owners and operators to have periods where the aircraft is not in use – typically during the winter months – and therefore require an aircraft hull insurance that is tailored to their specific needs. At Beta Aviation, we can facilitate hull coverage that reflects these needs and also ensures that our clients do not pay for a coverage they do not require.

Certain types of losses, or losses that relates to a specific nature or situation, are not covered under the aircraft hull insurance. We refer to the policy wording for a comprehensive list of covered losses and exclusions.

Additional Coverage
Aircraft owners and operators may require additional hull coverage. This can include:

• Hull War and Allied Perils insurance
• Aircraft Spare Parts insurance
• Deductible insurance

Factors That May Influence the Premium Level
The way a premium is calculated for aircraft hull insurance is complex and relies on several factors, one of these being historical statistics. Other factors include (in no particular order):

• Type of aircraft
• Aircraft value
• Type of operation
• Pilot experience
• Loss history
• Geographical scope of operation
• Annual utilisation
• Ground risk period(s)
• Size of deductible
• Length of insurance period

If you have any questions regarding the aircraft hull insurance, or if you would like us to send you a quote for insurance, please do not hesitate to contact us.